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Think BIG Dreams

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.

The ability to dream, to see the future before it is, is the one of the characteristics of humans. No other species, to our knowledge, has this ability. Dreams are the starting place for every great invention, undertaking, journey, building, relationship, career, etc. In fact, dreams are essential for the progress of the human race. Without someone dreaming, no progress is possible. Why? Because everything starts as a thought-a dream!

Dreams are critical to our success. Without a vision of the future, there is no motivation to act, no incentive to try, no reason to grow. Children dream instinctively, you just have to watch them at play to see this. They create fictional people, places and events in their imaginations that keep them entertained for hours.

Unfortunately, society soon discourages us from dreaming and there is pressure to conform. Teachers and parents tell us to stop dreaming and be realistic. Sadly, most of us do, diminishing the most powerful faculty we humans have imagination. As Walt Disney said, "Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it." Without imagination we might as well be dead. Life has no excitement, no anticipation, without dreams to look forward to.

Spend time this week dreaming of your perfect lifestyle. Imagine your perfect relationships, career, home, vacations. Don't stop to consider whether it's possible just decide how you would like your life to be. Imagine that you cannot fail and that money is no object.

Think Big! It's something we hear regularly from all the success gurus. It's almost a cliché. However, these two words are probably two of the most important words we will ever hear. As we are learning, our dreams and our attitude are the keys that unlock our future. Small dreams unlock a small future, so it's vital that we develop big dreams.

Thinking big is the starting place of all great success, simply because how we think determines how our lives turn out. We become what we think about most. Unfortunately, most of society seems to conspire to limit our thinking and keep us from ever achieving our full potential. Often it's those closest to us who are the worst culprits. Don't get your hopes up. Be realistic. What makes you think you can do that? These are the kind of comments we most often hear from family and friends.

It isn't that they consciously what to hold us back; it's just that they unconsciously don't want us to leave them behind. Having the courage to ignore these comments is the mark of achievers.

Next come our own self-doubts and limitations. Most often we are our own worst enemies, putting ourselves down in our minds before we even attempt anything new. What we need to start doing is to concentrate on what we have already achieved and build on that rather than concentrating on our perceived failures. Note, I said perceived failures, because that's exactly what they are. You see, we all operate out of our own perceptions, and what we perceive as failure someone else will perceive as a stepping stone, a valuable lesson to be learned on the road to success.

How we think is crucial to our success. We will achieve exactly what we think, whether we think big or small. The key is to constantly be thinking big, expecting the best, not the worst. Each one of us was endowed at birth with more talents and abilities then we could use in our entire lifetime. Thinking big is the catalyst to discovering just how much we can do. The exciting thing is that the achieve, the more we come to believe the we can do. The exciting thing is that we achieve, the more we come to believe that we can do more, and even more!

So start today to think big about everything. Start thinking about how you think. Are your thoughts predominately big, or are they small? Do you habitually expect things to turn out right, or do you expect to fail? Every time you find yourself thinking small thoughts, stop and consciously think about how you can turn whatever you're thinking around into bigger, better, best. By doing so, you will begin to change your life into the one you've always dreamed of.

There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

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