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Doctors are not Gods!

We always say Doctors work is like God as they help to give birth and save lives. But is this really true? Yes, may be, but not always.

I would like to share one of my horrible experiences with you all.

Recently my grandmother passed away from cardiac arrest. Her name was Meenakshi Bansore. She was the daughter of Shree B.B. Mane (Former DIG of police, Indore) and wife of Doctor Sharad Rao Bansore (Director of Veterinary, Ujjain).

She was too positive, happy, satisfied, successful. All her children and grandchildren are too successful, caring and loving. She was too health conscious, hygienic and beautiful even in her last days. Having all these positive sides she died in too much pain and loneliness. She became too weak because she was unable to consume food and she was been given liquid diet. Slowly her diet became zero.

We show her to a doctor, he gave her medicines of high sugar (but her sugar level was not that high). Then another doctor gave her medicines of kidney (Later we found that there was no problem in her kidney). Third doctor told us that she has eaten different medicines that there is a reaction in her body and we have to hospitalized her in Ujjain. She was in ICU for one day and thankfully she starts feeling hunger. But then doctor told us that there were some clots in her blood and if not treated immediately, her situation may become complicated. The doctor said that the clots was in her legs and they maybe infecting her lungs and he referred her to Indore Hospital urgently. We admitted her in Medanta Hospital, Indore in ICU that day.

We thought she was in good hands but her situation drastically changed on second day. They made her condition so bad that she was only alive on machines. Third day of her ICU she suffered from two heart attacks and we have to shift her to ventilator. After one hour she passed away painfully with Cardiac Arrest and after this happened, her Doctor didn’t even came to visit her or us to morn like nothing happened at all.

Everyone have to die one day but my concern is that she died in loneliness because according to hospital rules only one person is allowed to see the patient for just 15 mins (twice a day). In my opinion, if old people are surrounded by their loved ones, then they feel too motivated and positive that they can recover from their situation faster. But like my grandmother, if they are alone in a bed surrounded with machines, how they feel positive and motivated to live further and why they want to recover. Everyone wants motivation to move further in life right.

Don’t you think, for her condition, the doctors and hospitals are responsible. We have no option rather to believe what doctor gives treatment. So, they have to be sure for what they are advising right. For such an old person how can someone experiment on a sick person based on just their assumption.

My advice- Don’t trust Doctors fully as they are also humans and humans are not perfect. They can be corrupted and careless. Trust doctors close only to our family not strangers.

This is my painful experience that I wanted to tell you as I wish no one has to die because of someone else mistakes. May God bless you all with long and healthy lives.

What do you think about this? Do write us in comments.

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