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You are the average of five people you spend the most time with.

Who we associate with, in person, or by influence, plays a huge role in our success. Association simply means who we allow to input into our lives. The exciting thing is we can, to a large extent, control this. We need to be choosey about who we allow to input into our lives, because that input will affect our thinking and ultimately our whole life.

People are the most important because they often have the power to influence us the most. If we want to succeed in life and achieve our dreams, it's important that we associate with people who will encourage and believe in us. So we should stay away from the negative people out there who will put you down and try to steal your dreams. The sad truth is that they will often be the people nearest to you like family and friends.

Understand that people without ambitions and dreams will feel threatened when you decide to do something special with your life and will try to talk you out of it. Then there are people who misguidedly want to protect you from getting hurt, not realizing that if you never try, you never succeed. It's often these people who are the most difficult to avoid.

Look at who you are associating with the most. Are these relationships building you up, having a positive influence on your future or are they negative, sapping your joy and ability to lead a successful life? We become like he people with whom we associate. So, make it a habit to get around like-minded people who'll help you reach your dreams and goals. Next are the books we read or articles we explore online. Reading is an exceptionally important tool for success. There's a saying that "Leaders are readers", and studies of scores of successful men and women bear this out. The world's greatest people are willing to share their success secrets with you. All you have to do is read what they have to say. So lets make this habit to associate with them by reading biographies, self improvement and motivational books. A really powerful success tip is to read something positive every night before going to sleep. Just 15 minutes of positive reading will give your subconscious mind plenty to work on while you're asleep and you'll be amazed at the results.

Investing in and listening to or watching good podcast or books or videos will also make a huge difference to your success. Our mind is the greatest tool we have to help us succeed. We need to guard what we put into it as if our life depended on it because it does! So make sure that whatever you watch on TV is positive, avoid watching programs that are violent and negative. Similarly, pay attention to the music you listen to-are the lyrics are positive? Lets start today to be very careful about who you associate with in person, in a book or via TV, YouTube or radio.

Your vision should be something that can equally inspire everyone who is associated with your project and not just you.
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