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9 Teachings of Guru Nanak Sahib

Below are some teachings of Guru Nanak sahib which we should all follow-

  1. Importance of Guru – According to him, Guru was the voice of god, the true source of knowledge and salvation.

  2. Shun 5 evils – Love, anger, greed, attachment and lust.

  3. No discrimination – We should not caste others on the basis of color, caste and all odds.

  4. Vand Karo – Sharing with others especially with those who are having less and who are in need

  5. Kirat Karo – Human being should live their life honestly by not making any fraud.

  6. Naam Japna – Chanting the holy name and remembering god every time and it will connect our sole to God.

  7. Sach sunaisi sach ki bela – Speaking the truth.

  8. Sharbat da bhala means goodwill for all.

  9. Waheguru – Submission to the will of God.

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